ECMA Capacity Building Workshop

ECMA Capacity Building Workshop

ADRA Thailand’s ECMA project team and Positive Deviant Consulting Firm conducted a five day workshop to build the capacity of ADRA/ECMA staff  and CSO/CBO sub-grant partners on Organizational Development on 21-25 November 2015.

Mr Antonio Belgrave led out on the two and half day Training of Trainers (TOT) for ECMA staff on 21-23 November and assisted ECMA staff as they led the next 2 days training  for CSO/CBO from 7 organizations  on 23-25 November 2016.

For the 21-23 November 2016, the  TOT Workshop  for ADRA Thailand/ECMA staff focused on strategy developing, problems solving, implementation skills and stakeholder management.   In developing strategy, the trainer led  development of a strategy base which is very useful for organizations to give them a bigger picture of their teams responses. The problem solving techniques introduced the principle of problems solving,  allowing participants to think of what the root causes of  problems are and follow up with the defining their problems statement and desired states.  Other analytical techniques included fish bone, 5 whys, and arrow go most and less, impact and effort matrix and iceberg, which were were introduced and practiced.  The spirits of this session encouraged the participant to think about root causes problems and how to solve them effectively with full engagement of team members. The implementation planning skills were introduced as a second step when the team had a clear understanding of their problem,  its root causes and solutions. The trainers  demonstrated planning skills, set up their respective milestones and had to detail the activities necessary to reach each milestone. The 5 tools of coms cell werepracticed nicely in the sessions.



Antonio providing feedback for strategic housing.

In the last session with ECMA team, the trainer went through stakeholder management. In this session, the trainer explained the stakeholder analysis matrix to guide the necessity of having a clear analysis of power over interest each stakeholder  has . The project /organization should then design different approaches with each group.

The 2 and half day TOT went smooth  and was rich with information, ECMA and ADRA Thailand staff were inspired to implement tools and skills in the ECMA project and provide coaching to project partners in the implementation.    


Partners practicing drawing their strategy house

On 23-25 November, 2016, Organizational Development Capability Building Workshop for 7 CSO/CBO partners

Mr Antonio Belgrave and ECMA staff conducted a 2 days’ workshop for 7 CSO/CBO organizations.  The workshop covered  4 key  topics  which analysed  the OD assessment tools   sent  to the organizations before the workshop. The 4 topics were:  improving organization direction, CSO efficiency (GEMBA), Better problems solving and impact for change leadership.

In the first session, Antonio Belgrave explained the overall purpose of the ECMA capacity building workshop. The introduction began with strategy developing which mainly focused on building strategic housing. Each partner built their own strategy house based on their organization vision, mission, and strategy and measure success. The workshop schedule followed up with problem solving in the second day and implementation skill and stakeholder management on third day of the workshop. Finally the trainer encouraged each participant to write 3 commitments they want to achieve in the next 2 weeks. The postcards were collected by ECMA staff and post to all participants in the following 2 weeks.  The ECMA staff raised their thanks and appreciation to all participants for making the workshop a success and more meaningful, they also committed their additional support to develop personal and organizational skill levels in OD throughout the projects duration and beyond.  The trainer concluded the workshop with high appreciation for full participation of all participants and encouraged all participants to continue to practice all tools and share their skills their team members. Antonio ended the session with  a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi which says “Be the change you want to see in the world” to encourage the participants to think positive and reflect the changes that they wished to see.


Repairing Lives

Repairing Lives

La Hea grew up in the Karen state of Myanmar on a small farm. His parents taught him how to grow rice and tend to chilli plants, look after the chickens and fix things when they broke.

He lived there with his three brothers and two sisters.  At first there was calm, but gradually the rebels impact in the area was noticed by the Burmese army, and soon fighting erupted throughout the Karen State, spreading like wildfire. La Hea and his family were some of the lucky ones, able to go about life generally unscathed; however the army came to his door with increasing frequency; both Karen and Burmese demanding he enlist. But La Hea never wanted to be a fighter, he wanted an education and to be with his family. With both armies harassing him, he and his brother decided the best option would be to take refuge in Thailand, with his parents and sister to follow soon after they arrived. The others stayed in Myanmar as rice & chili farmers with their families where they remain. Eventually, his father had enough of Refugee life and returned to Myanmar, to his work as a farmer, where his mother stayed and lived with him.

 It has been eight years since they first arrived in Thailand, and many things have changed for La Hea and his family; life in Myanmar another life away. His sister is still in school and his brother now teaches at a Bible school within the camp. He recently returned to Myanmar to get married, and his wife is still living in Myanmar where she has opened a noodle shop does not wish to leave to come to the refugee camp. He has now moved to Zone B without his mother, who lives in Zone C in order to be close to the farm where she is able to earn a small income. La Hea has found it increasingly frustrating and disheartening at the lack of freedom they have within the camp, needing to bribe the guards with alcohol, food or coffee if he wished to go anywhere outside or occasionally even across Zones.

 La Hea first heard about the ADRAs Vocational Services when he was helping out in another Auto Mechanic Repair shop, and thought it would be an excellent way to increase his skills. He also happened to know one of the auto-mechanic trainers who introduced him to the course and helped him enroll in the training for 2011. Since then he also completed the Basic Electrical and Computer Skills courses. From what he gained during the VT courses, he has been able to open his own motorcycle repair shop and install the electrical wiring run power to the shop and his computer which he uses to study at night. The shop has been open for roughly six months now and is doing good business; however La Hea cannot acquire all parts of the motorbike due to less capitol, making some bikes unable to be fully repaired. He is even able to take on assistants to help him run the shop, which he has recently agreed to take on a disabled trainee alongside his current assistant.

 La Hea feels more well known now and has made many friends since opening the shop. They know he has a good business and even nearby villages know of him and sometimes get their bikes fixed at his shop. His wish for the future is for Myanmar to find peace, and should this happen in his lifetime to return and open a vocational training school. He sees the children that come to watch him work having no skills and wants to help create the opportunity to acquire them; giving them a fresh start and a pathway to a better life. La Hea truly feels that giving to the future generations would be the best way to break the cycle refugees find themselves stuck in.