ADRA has been present in South-East Asia for over thirty years, serving as a humanitarian front for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. With a base of operations in Thailand, ADRA orginally oversaw Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos until becoming solely concentrated on Thailand

  1. 07/06/1979Richard C. Hall came to Thailand as director of Seventh-Day

    Adventist World Service (SAWS).  SAWS was established as a relief agency and the main emphasis was placed on Indo Chinese Refugees from Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  The refugee camps existing were:

    -Napo Refugee Camp, Nakawnpanom Province

    -Kao Idang, Aranyaprathet District, Sakeo Province

    -Site B, Site II, Tapraya District, Sakeo Province

    -Chiangkum, Chiangkong District, Chiangrai Province

    -Baanwinai, Paakchom District, Loei Province

    -Panatnikom, Panatnikom District, Chonburi Province

    There were variety of programs ranging from surgery, optometry, dental, supplementary feeding, medical outreach, and clothing & blankets distribution.  There were over fifty volunteers here at any given time.  Khun Warren first arrived as a volunteer working at Kao Idang and Site B & Site II Refugee Camps, Sakeo Province. SAWS office was located at Bangkok Adventist Hospital, with Richard Hall as the Director until 1983 with Warren Scale later becoming his Assistant.

  2. 07/06/1980           SAWS officially registered under Ministry of Interior.
  3. 07/06/1983 Warren Scale takes over as Country Director.
  4. 07/06/1984SAWS name changed to ADRA.  SAWS name was changed to Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and so coincided with greater emphasis in community development by ADRA worldwide.
  5. 01/11/1992Warren Scale resigns as Country Director
  6. 01/12/1992Klong Toey Slum Fire Disaster.
  7. 01/03/1994Detudom Fire Disaster Response.
  8. 01/09/1994Klong Toey Slum Fire Response.
  9. 01/08/1995Chiangkum Flood Disaster Response.
  10. 07/01/1996Roy Richardson joins ADRA as Country Director.
  11. 07/07/1997Karen Refugee Disaster Response.
  12. 07/07/1997Cambodian Refugee Disaster Response.
  13. 07/07/1998Karen Refugee Disaster Response.
  14. 01/03/2001Roy Richardson resigns as Country Director.
  15. 01/04/2001Greg Young joins ADRA as Country Director.

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